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Plutonium Futures – The Science is a topical conference that provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of current research on physical and chemical properties of plutonium and other actinide elements. Plutonium Futures 2020 is the eleventh edition in the series of acclaimed international conferences initiated by Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in 1997. 
By bringing people of diverse disciplines together, the conference aims to enhance the dialogue among scientists and engineers on the fundamental properties of plutonium and other actinide elements, and their technological consequences.


The Corum: Conference Centre
Esplanade Charles De Gaulle
34000 Montpellier


Plutonium Futures – The Science 2020 conference will include discussions on:
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Surface Science and Corrosion
  • Metallurgy and Materials Science
  • Compounds, Complexes and Coordination Chemistry
  • Detection and Analysis
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • Environmental Behavior and Chemistry
  • Aquatic and Gas-phase Chemistry

Key dates

Abstracts submission CLOSED
January 31, 2020

Opening of registration
December 15, 2019

Acceptance of abstracts
March 1 to 15, 2020

Early booking
From December 2019 until March 31, 2020

Registration fees

Normal Registration: 735€
(early registration 630€)

Student registration: 630€
(early registration 525€)

Conference dinner included.
Accompanying person: 70€ for the dinner.

Participants are responsible for booking their own accommodations


A more detailed programme will be communicated shortly

List of plenary and invited presentations

Organisational Committee

  • Local Organising Committee
  • Program Committee
  • International Advisory Committee
  • Philippe Guilbaud (CEA)
  • Dominique Guillaumont (CEA)
  • François Delaunay (CEA)
  • François Jollet (CEA)
  • Christelle Tamain (CEA)
  • Thomas Dumas (CEA)
  • Eleonor Acher (CEA)
  • Vanessa Holfeltz (CEA)
  • Carole Valot (CEA)
  • Christophe Jegou (CEA)
  • Matthieu Virot (ICSM)
  • Corwin Booth (LBNL)
  • Horst Geckeis (KIT)
  • John Gibson (LBNL)
  • Krzysztof Gofryk (INL)
  • Robert J. Hanrahan Jr. (NNSA)
  • David Hobart (Florida State University)
  • Stepan Kalmykov (LMSU)
  • Rudy Konings (JRC)
  • Alexander Landa (LLNL)
  • Klaus Luetzenkirchen (JRC)
  • Philippe Moisy (CEA)
  • Benoit Oudot (CEA)
  • Paul Roussel (AWE)
  • David Shuh (LBNL)
  • Richard Wilson (ANL)
  • Mavrik Zavarin (LLNL)
  • Hervé Bernard (CEA)
  • Kerri Blobaum (LLNL)
  • Roberto Caciuffo (JRC)
  • Hervé Chollet (CEA)
  • David Clark (LANL)
  • Vladimir Dremov (RFNC-VNIITF)
  • Rodney C. Ewing (Stanford University)
  • Thomas Fanghänel (JRC)
  • Franz Freibert (LANL)
  • David Geeson (AWE)
  • Yoshinori Haga (JAEA)
  • Ladislav Havela (Charles University – Prague)
  • Siegfried Hecker (Stanford University)
  • Gerrit van der Laan (Diamond Light Source Ltd)
  • Gerry Lander (ILL)
  • Jun Li (Tsinghua University)
  • Scott McCall (LLNL)
  • Boris Nadykto (VNIIEF)
  • Alexander V. Petrovtsev (RFNC-VNIITF)
  • Lidia F. Timofeeva (VNIINM)
  • Tim Tinsley (NNL)


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